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Twin villages cleaned to welcome Baby Jesus

The twin villages of Guirdolim and Chandor-Cavorim look clean and pristine all ready to welcome Baby Jesus for Christmas thanks to a massive cleanliness drive undertaken by all the organisations operating the villages including the elected panchayat bodies and the Basic Christian Communities more commonly known as Somudais, of both Chandor and Guirdolim.


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  How it looked before cleaning


                                                                                                                                                How it looked after cleaning

This first of its kind cleanliness drive initiated by Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott was held on 21st December 2022 along with Chandor Club, Guirdolim Club, Guirdolim Chandor Veterans and Chandor Seamen’s Association along with panchayat members of both the village panchayats and members of the somudais of Nossa Senhora de Belem Igreja and St Francis Xavier Chapel at Guirdolim and the result was visible as the villages looked really clean.

Bush cleaningIn order to facilitate collecting the plastic and paper waste lying by the roadside and open spaces, the wild bushes and grass growing there was first cut using the bush cutting machine.

The village had to look clean as 53 bags of waste was collected and the same was disposed of scientifically through the Solid Waste Management Corporation.total collected

While all the members of the Chandor-Cavorim Village panchayat were actively involved in the cleanliness drive, some panchas from Guidolim did not participate. Both the Sarpanchas Sonia Fernandes and Estefanio Dias were actively involved in cleaning the villages.



drinking spot onedrinking spots

The need for more stringent patrolling in the village was evident as at many places which have emerged as drinking places, many alcohol and beer bottles were found abandoned by the revelers after their binge.









GBE President John Fernandes & team at Culsabhat

                                                                           Chandor Club President Basil Fernandes & team at Miriajirem

Cotta babazinhReuben vaz






                          Chandor Cavorim pancha Fiel Dias with his team at Cotta



Guirdolim pancha Donaldo Peixoto leading the cleanliness drive around Around St Francis Xavier Chapel at Tolleabank and areas Marroid, Bandul, Moll, Niamorod, Godd and Matodi

CavorimChandor Club GS Joy D’Silva leading the cleanliness drive in Cavorim