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Chandor Celebrates famed Feast of Epiphany

The feast of Epiphany more popularly called the feast of the Three Kings or Three Wise Men was celebrated with solemnity at the Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem with the associated pomp and grandeur.

Three youngsters from the village, representing the three wise men from the East who visited Baby Jesus after his birth at Bethlehem descended from the chapel at the mount to reach the church at 10 am where the solemn high mass was celebrated with Parish Priest of Sancoale Church Fr. Kenneth Telles as the main celebrant.

The three riding horses hired for the purpose from Goa itself this year, came down from the Mount in a solemn procession led by members of the confraria and accompanied by their family members and well wishers.

MelchiorThe three youngsters were Maverick Dias attired in a red cape, and son of Martin and Sylvia from New Township. He represented the wise man Melchior who is believed to have come Persia and carried gold as his gift to Baby Jesus.







GasparShayden Menezes son of Sandhir and Nazima Menezes from Culsabhat wearing a green cape represented the wise man Gaspar who is believed to have come from India carrying frankincense as a gift to infant Jesus.








The third was Aiken Menezes son of Alex and Lancee Menezes from Cavorim who wearing the blue cape represented Balthasar who is believed to have come from Arabia or Ethiopia and brought myrrh as a gift to Baby Jesus.







A huge fair was put up around the Chandor Church where different things including clothing, sweets and furniture were for sale and is expected to last for more than a week.