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Founders Day Celebrated

For the first time since its inception in 2008 Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott celebrated Founders Day on 21st January 2023 mainly to give its members and their families an opportunity to interact with one another and understand the aims and objectives of the organization thereby creating a Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott family.

“Our members are always doing something or the other for the organization and hence we thought it was apt to give something back to them through this programme where they would just relax,” said founder member, former President and main benefactor of the organization John Douglas Coutinho.

PresidentGBE President John Fernandes welcomed the gathering. While he initially spoke in English following a strong demand from member Anthony Pereira he then spoke in Goa’s mother tongue Konkani. The celebration was to start at 7 pm, but in keeping with Goa Stretchable Time, members started trooping in at 8 pm and the welcome address was delivered at 9 pm. The party ended at 11:30 pm with the President thanking all for their presence.

In all 83 persons attended the programme which had members, their spouses and children that included 15 teenagers who are not members of the organization and four children.

PereiraThere was entertainment galore with recorded music blaring and various people singing popular Konkani songs much to everyone’s delight. GBE’s in house minstrel Anthony Pereira set the ball rolling and he was accompanied by member Domnick Mendes in rendering the ever green Konkani classic titled Ixtagott. Member Maria Mascarenhas also sang a song.

Norman Cardoso singingNonmembers who entertained with their sweet voices were Emma Noronha whose husband Walter is GBE member and also Benu Coutinho whose three sons and one daughter are members, of whom one son Francis Coutinho is GBE general secretary. President John Fernandes’ cousin-in-law Leslie Pereira sang two Konkani songs, one on danger of using mobile while driving and the other on faith in prayers and both were very much appreciated with someone even commenting that tiatrist Jose Rod was brought to mind.


MicksonThe Founders Day had a party with Mickson Fernandes supervising the entire barbeque. He was ably assisted by member Pobrinho. Deliciously marinated prawns, succulently grilled chicken and very tasty Modso were served to all present. Besides, there was pulav, mutton xacuti and salad also available for consumption. John douglkas’ staff Chotu, Victoria, Amrita and Anjali helped admirably Mickson and Pobrinho in their gigantic task.






marinated food  Food serving







The marinated food ready for grilling and being served  for consumption by those present

The team 1 Irene

Members Alzira Pereira and Irene Antao came earlier in the evening to help prepare the pulao, mutton xacuti and salad.

grilling chicken agrilled prawns

Grilled chicken and prawns ready to be devoured

Alcohol counterAlcoholic drinks including beer, whiskey, vodka, etc. along with beer and cocktails were available while soft drinks, soda, water and even cinnamon tea was provided to those not consuming alcohol.



Savio D'Costa


John Douglas threw open his grand balcony and manicured lawn to host the party and also personally supervised all the arrangements specially the barbeque counter. Member Savio D’Costa thanked him for all his help to the organization and saluted him for keeping the twin villages united. His short address received a thunderous applause.





John supervising



John Douglas personally supervising the setting up barbeque counter












Those gathered chitchatting on the verandah and the lawn

Vikas BhagatGeneral Secretary of Goenkar from Canacona and also leader of the Save Mhadei, Save Goa Trust admitted that Salcete has historically played a stellar role in preserving Goan identify starting from the Opinion Poll then the language agitation and now the movement to protect Mhadei waters.

He said GBE has been part of every struggle in Goa since its formation and pointed out to the historic rail roko held at Chandor to object to the railways double tracking of the railway line and expressed confidence that in future too GBE will be at the forefront to defend Goa and Goa’s interest.

While praising John Douglas Coutinho for being the guiding force of GBE he said the organization is no longer restricted to the twin villages of Chandor-Cavorim and Guirdolim, but has made its presence felt all over Goa and disclosed he along with Jack Fernandes and Sndesh Telekar had travelled all the way from Canacona to attest that.

He said there was a need to replicate GBE in every village of Goa and re-christened the organization Goem Bhavancho Ekvott,