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Visiting the sick and elderly

Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott revived its programme of visiting the sick and elderly people living in the twin villages of Guirdolim and Chandor-Cavorim. The sick and elderly living in Cotta area were visited on 12th February while on 19th February those living in Culsabhat ward of Cavorim were visited and on 26th February such residents from New Township in Guirdolim village were visited.

Rui 19Among those visited on 19th February were GBE founder president Rui da Silva who was hospitalized due to an illness and also GBE member Agnel Fernandes. Incidentally, GBE member Domnick Mendes’ father Cyril was also visited on this day.

Others visited were Caitana Fernandes, Jerald Fernandes, Timothy Pereira, Aurea Braganza, Deodita Fernandes and Sebastian Mendes. Incidentally, the last two have been quite regular at the Christmas Party for Senior Citizens organized by GBE.

Aurea 19Deodit Ferns 19

The two retired teachers Aurea Braganza and Deodita Fernandes





Sebastiana Mendes 19Cyril Mendes 19

Visiting Sebastiana Mendes and Cyril Mendes



Caitana Ferns 19



GBE members who visited people in Culsabhat were President John Fernandes, General Secretary Francis Coutinho who were also the project managers along with John Douglas Coutinho, Antoni Colaco, Ligorio Dias, Francis alias Hanchik, Anand Shirodkar, Irene Antao, Alzira Fernandes, Sebastiana Cardoso, Jaret de Silva, Maria Mascarenhas, Menino alias Minush Gomes and Oswald Antao.



On 26th February six member of GBE visited the sick and elderly people from New Township and Vice President Maria Mascarenhas along with Oswald D’Costa were the project managers for it.

Benedita  Euphenia ferns 26





The members who visited the houses were President John Fernandes, John Douglas Coutinho, Ligorio Dias, Sebastiana Cardoso, Cypriano Fernandes, Menino alias Minush Gomes, Jose Coutinho and Alzira Fernandes.

Raphael da Costa 86  Pedro Quadros




The people visited included GBE member Oswald’s father Raphael D’Costa, Irene Alphonso, Benedita Fernandes, Janim Pereira, Maria Dias, Pedro Quadros, Vincent Dias and Euphoria Fernandes.