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Visiting the sick & elderly in March

Continuing with their practice of visiting the sick and elderly people Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott members visited 56 such people from the twin villages of Guirdolim and Chandor Cavorim in the four weeks of March 2023.

6 Philomena Rodrigues6 Francis Caetano Antao




With Philomena Rodrigues and Francis Caetano Antao







6 Anunciacao Antao

6 Estela AntaoAnsecao Antao  and Estella Antao






On 5th March, GBE members visited 12 households from Colloss ward of Guirdolim Village besides visiting GBE member Sita Antao at her residence at Molla in Cavorim as she had returned home after undergoing a surgery.



6 Sebastiana Avelina Antao6 Joana Antao

With Sebastiana Avelina Antao and Joana Antao






Those visited in Colloss were Francis Antao aged 57, Avelina Antao aged 87, Ansecao Antao aged 84, Catherine Antao aged 63, Rosa Antao aged 84, Stella Antao aged 83, Simon Antao aged 68, Philomena Rodrigues aged 78, Emercian Antao aged 83, Romeo Antao aged 72, Josephine Antao aged 80 and Clara Fernandes aged 74.



6 Simao Antao6 Emerciana Cardoso

Visiting Simao Antao and Emerciana Cardoso




GBE members who visited the houses were project managers Maria Mascarenhas and Sandeep Kalekar along with Anand Shirodkar, Sebastiana Cardoso, Ezly Henriques, Serena Antao, John Fernandes, Babazin Dias, John Douglas Coutinho, Irene Antao, Jaret da Silva, Francis alias Hanchik and Alzira Pereira.



12 Anthony Fernandes12 Arnald Furtado


With Anthony Fernandes and Arnaldo Furtado



On 12th March, the sick and elderly from Guirdolim were visited with Anand Shirodkar and Michael D’Costa being the project managers. In all 11 members visited 16 persons.



12 Joaquim Fernandes12 Minguel D'Costa

Visiting Joaquim Fernandes and Minguel D’Costa

Members who visited the sick were Michael D’Costa with his wife, Anand Shirodkar, Sebastiana Cardoso, Menino alias Minush Gomes, Lindarifa Fernandes who herself has undergone a knee replacement surgery, Gidwan D’Costa, Babazinho Dias, John Douglas Coutinho, Mickson Fernandes and Alzira Fernandes.

12 Piedade DSouz12 Shobavati Naik

At the residence  of Piedade D’Souza  and  Shobavati Naik




Those visited were Joaquina Fernandes aged 86, Shobhavati Naik aged 78, Anthony Fernandes aged 52, Xeverina Fernandes aged 57, Piedade Fernandes aged 57, Piedade D’Souza aged 80, Arnald Furtado aged 63, Minguelin D’Costa aged 74, Rosa Filomena Cardoso aged 83, Sofia Philipina Fernandes aged 63, Philip Fijardo aged 71, Fatima D’Cunha aged 72, Caroline Cardozo aged 87, Antonette Noronha aged 60 and Seby Rodrigues aged 76.


12 Sophia FernandesWith Sophia Philipina Fernandes

Besides, GBE member Francis alias Hanchik who had met with an accident was also visited.

As Passion Sunday was to be observed at Chandor Church on 19th March, GBE members visited the sick and elderly people from Anthoi, Modem Wado, Rohini Bhat and Birmollem in Guirdolim village on 18th March. The D’Costas namely Gidwan and Michael were the project managers for this visit where 11 members visited 12 persons.


18 Camilo Birmollem18 Joaquim D'Costa Anthoi

With Camilo Costa and Joaquim D’Costa



18 Leopoldo Gonsalves Birmollem18 Sebastiana Milagres Cardozo Rohini Bhat

Visiting Leopoldo Gonsalves and Sebastiana Milagres Cardoso



GBE members who visited were Michael D’Costa, Anand Shirodkar, Sebastiana Cardoso, John Douglas Coutinho, Irene Antao, Gidwan D’Costa, Darwin Cardoso, John Fernandes and Alzira Fernandes. Besides Michael’s wife and Darwin’s son also accompanied the GBE members on this visit.


18 Simon Colaco Anthoi

At the residence of Simon Colaco

Those visited were Leopold Gonsalves aged 56 who had a stroke, Camilo Costa aged 54 who besides undergoing an unsuccessful surgery of the spinal cord also needs a knee replacement, Manuel D’Costa aged 60, Monica D’Costa aged 80 along with her son who is sick, Sebastian Souza aged 74, Miguel Cardozo aged 77, Verodiana D’Costa aged 68, Isabella Pereira aged 69 who needs a wheel chair and a mattress,  Antonette Fernandes aged 70, Joaquim D’Costa aged 61, Anrita Fernandes aged 95 and Simon Colaco aged 75.

On 25th March 13 GBE members visited 16 households from Amblimoll, Anthoi, Gainall and Niamorod in Guirdolim with Darwin Cardoso and Anand Shirodkar being the project managers with assistance from Damacian and Michael.


25 Rumao Pereira25 Rohidas Shirodkar

With Rumano Pereira and Rohidas Shirodkar







Those visited were Lelies Moses aged 78, Irene Antao aged 83, Romau Rosario Pereira aged 92, Armando Gomes aged 64, Mercian Costa aged 68, Philomena D’Costa aged 70, Rohidas Shirodkar aged 76, Narciso Peidoto aged 81, Piedade Vaz aged 79, Severina Mascarenhas aged 82, Custodio Gonsalves aged 79, Natalin Pereira aged 74, Paskelin D’Souza aged 80, Ashu Philomena Mascarenhas aged 68 and Maria Augusta D’Costa aged 80.


25 Miguel Gomes



Besides, the team also visited 48 year old Miguel Gomes at his residence at Gainall. Miguel who suffers from fits burnt both his hand as the bed sheet covering him caught fire while he was engulfed with a fit. His wife manages the household at present by working at people’s houses. Miguel’s son is studying in the 12th class while daughter is in the 10th Standard.






25 Armando GomesWith Armando Gomes

GBE members who visited the sick and elderly were John Douglas Coutinho, Darwin Cardoso with his son Nicolai and daughter Delora, Alzira Pereira, Sebastiana Cardoso, Basil Fernandes, Irene Antao, Jassu Gomes, Damacian, Francis alias Hanchik, Anand Shirodkar, Fiel alias Babazinho, Michael and Mickson Fernandes.

All the 56 persons visited in the month, were given biscuits by GBE members. One of the persons visited was given an amount of Rs. 50,000 to help the family tide over the financial crunch faced by them, while another person was provided a wheel chair.  The biscuits, cash donation, walker and a wheel chair given during and following the visits were sponsored by a benefactor of the organisation. Unfortunately Antonete Noronha who was provided a walker following the visit to her on 12th March, she passed away and the walker is now back with GBE to be given to any other deserving person.