GBE members visit aged people


Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott on 5th August 2018 visited the Home for the Aged at Cotta and besides interacting with the 15 inmates they also showed them a Konkani film titled “Chor Pulis” which was enjoyed very much by the spectators.

GBE members Sebastiana Cardoso, Serena Antao, Lindarifa Fernandes, John Douglas Coutinho, Irene Antao, Emerson Britto, Maria Mascarenhas, Jose Coutinho, Benito Coutinho, Michael Gracias, Anthony Pereira, Derick Antao, Michelle Antao, Basil Fernandes, Cypriano Fernandes, Darwin Cardoso with his son Nikolai, Anand Shirodkar, Domnick Mendes and Julio D’Silva visited the home for the aged.

Anthony Pereira along with Domnick Mendes and Maria Mascarenhas who were accompanied by Cypriano on the guitar entertained the inmates with some entertaining songs and they also accompanied the elders as they sang their favourites.

The inmates were served Atoll that was sponsored and prepared by Darwin, pinagr sponsored by Menino alias Minush Gomes and Remmy Martins, biscuits provided by Lindarifa Fernandes, apples and bananas provided by Alzira Fernandes. Basil Fernandes brought tea for the members.

The members spent around two hours at the house and the inmates heartily enjoyed the film with its comedy as many were seen laughing aloud at the jokes in the video. The showing of the film on the screen was done by Jose Coutinho aided by his brother Benito Coutinho and Emerson Britto.

Emerson Britto, Remy Martins, Benito Coutinho and Jose Coutinho also carried one inmate in the chair up the stairs as she could not climb the stairs and at the end of the programme they also took her back to her room.

All the inmates blessed the GBE members and for the members it was a truly enriching experience to see the neat and well maintained home for the aged.