Prof Prajal tells Chandorkars their history and heritage

Noted Historian Prajal Sakhardande while asserting that Chandor was the most historical place in Goa being its first capital made a fervent plea to preserve and protect the remnants of the old Kadamba Fort that is still existing at Cotta in the village.

Deliver a talk on Heritage of Chandor: The first capital of Goa, he said that Chandor village which was known as Chandra Aura at that time was the first capital of the Bhoj dynasty in the 4th to 6th Century as indicated by three copper plates existing in Shiroda whereby King Devrai Bhoj gave a land grant tp some priests.

He said the name Chandra Aura later changed to Chandreshwar and then to Chandranath and finally was known as Chandrapur and explained why the names changed and said that during the Portuguese regime who changed the name to Chandor the village lay silent and dormant.

However, following an article written by Maria Ermelinda Stuart Gomes on Chandor after touring the village in 1920 a noted architect and historian began excavation in Cotta where the headless Nandi Bull and the plinth of a temple which was declared to be constructed during the Kadamba regime was discovered.

Subsequently in 1947 the Archaeological Survey of India undertook an excavation where plinth of another temple was found along with red bricks that were used in the monuments constructed during the era of the Shatvahans.

He said remnants of the first fort constructed by the Kadambas is still existing in Cotta area though it is broken in some parts. “The mud walls that had come up next to the stone walls is still existing though it is being damaged now,” he said while pointing out that the fort stones have long been taken away.

While admitting that people who damaged the fort may not have known its significance he appealed to the villagers present to now at least protect and preserve the mud wall that is existing and clearly indicates that a fort was existing there earlier.

The programme organized by Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott had over 75 people including a large number of youngsters who attended the little over one hour long talk. Chandor Cavorim Sarpanch Celine Coelho Furtado and panchayat member Edward D’Silva along with former Sarpanch and present panchayat member Derrick Braganza Pereira were present for the talk along with Chandor Club President Domnick Mendes.

Former President of GBE Darwin Cardoso introduced Prof Prajal Sakhardande to the crowd and later also proposed the vote of thanks while Vice President Irene Antao presented a memento to Prajal.

Many of those present expressed a desire to visit and actually see some of the places mentioned by Prajal. Incidentally GBE had organized two Heritage Walks in 2017 that had covered the entire village.