Domnick re-elected Chandor Club President for third term

The new Managing Committee of Chandor Club for the term 2018 to 2020 was elected unanimously today at the general body meeting with Domnick Mendes being elected President for the third consecutive year.
Incidentally in 1992 Domnick was elected as the Chandor Club’s youngest managing committee member and since then has held various responsibilities that culminated in him getting elected as President in 2014.
During his first tenure as President he completed and inaugurated the majestic club premises that cost over Rs. 2 crore and is today recognized as the best club house in Goa as it has a swimming pool and a gymnasium, besides a snack counter. During his second tenure he successfully launched the lotteries as a fund raising activity that in the last two years has raised lakhs of rupees for the club and got various particularly the lady member activated in selling lotteries.
In fact Domnick did not want to be the president and in fact had proposed the name of Basil Fernandes. However, as there were proposals for Domnick to be the president, Basil withdrew and Domnick agreed to take on the responsibility for one more term. In another development Joy D’Silva who is the longest serving general secretary of the Club was once again elected as the same post.
The managing committee elections were marred by the inability to appoint the two internal auditors as nobody was willing to take up this task and Peter Furtado who was conducting the elections asked the new Managing Committee to decide upon this matter.
The other committee members are as follow: Vice President – Derrick Pereira, General Secretary – Joy D’Silva, Treasurer – Martino Fernandes, Assistant General Secretary – Felix Furtado, Assistant Treasurer – Hanon D’Silva, Cultural Secretary – Presley Mascarenhas, Sports Secretary – Derryk Mendes, Assistant Sports Secretaries – Anline Fernandes and Emerson Britto while Basil Fernandes, Tony Coutinho, Antonio Colaco and Sylvia D’Silva were elected as Trustees.
The following were elected as managing committee members: Leroy Barretto, Christopher Cotta Cruz, Ligorio Dias, Francisco alias Babun Antao and Andrew Peixote.
In his acceptance speech Domnick stressed the need to replicate what the club has given to the village through its premises in other villages and said the motto of the organization for the next two years will be good will and unity. He also urged the women to be more active and suggested one a month meeting for lady members who could even form their own self help group using the club premises.