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GBE gets a new committee

John Fernandes was unanimously elected President and Sita Antao the General Secretary of Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott, Chandor at the general body meeting held on Saturday.
Maria Maccarenhas and Irene Antao were elected as Vice Presidents while Anand Shirodkar was retained as the Treasurer and Francis Coutinho was elected as the joint secretary.
The following were elected as managing committee members: Basil Fernandes,Eslinda Henriques, Micheal Pereira,Serena Antao,Sebastiana Cardozo,and Fiel Dias
As the outgoing President Julio Dsilva is sick and could not make it, his message was read out by Sita wherein he enumerated how GBE has changed the lives of the villagers and the functioning of the panchayat.
The new President appealed to all members to continue the exemplary work and vowed that they will continue to work for making the village an ideal one.
Besides welcoming new members programmes to be undertaken were listed at a brainstorming session held.
It was decided to conduct heritage walks given the historical importance of the village by virtue of being the first capital of Goa.