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GBE cleans Chandor Cavorim roadside garbage

GBE cleans Chandor Cavorim roadside garbageIn a two hour long effort 25 villagers of Chandor Cavorim filled up over 30 big black bags with plastic and paper lying by the roadside.
The exercise was initiated by GBE and supported by Chandor Club, Chandor Guirdolim Veterans, Chandor Seamen Association, Guirdolim Club and Villa Marex.
The drive started at 8:30 am and concluded at 10:30 am.
The main road from Cotta bridge to deputy sarpanch Arlinda’s house at Bindimoll, Misamer and the market square were cleaned.
The collected waste was disposed off through Goa Solid Waste Corporation and a similar drive will be done im Guirdolim on November 14.
While most of the participants were GBE members some represented other organisations. Felix Furtado and Emerson represented Chandor Club, Sandeep and Santana represented Chandor Seamen Association and Gidwan, Francis Peixote and Wilson represented Guirdolim Club.
Tiago da Silva and Santan sponsored represents while John Douglas guided the drive.

That mixed garbage is still thrown out was established when maggots were found in a bag opened by Darwin.
Sits Antao, Felix Furtado, Sandeep and Francis thanked the participants on behalf of their respective organisations.