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CRZ fails to inspect river filling

CRZ fails to inspect river filling

Guirdolim and Chandor residents are upset with the Salcete Taluka Level Coastal Committee for its failure to carry out an inspection of CRZ violation in Guirdolim.

Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott had complained to the Collector South that the railways had filled up a rivulet in Guirdolim and blocked its joining the Kushawati river.

The complaint was forwarded to the Taluka Coastal Committee for necessary action by the Collector.
Vide a letter dated 9th November Salcete Mamlatdar as Member Secretary of the Taluka Coastal Committee Salcete informed that the site. Inspection would be held on 12th November at 11 am.

The large number of villagers gathered were sorely disappointed as the officials did not turn up.
PWD officials who had come said the inspection cannot be done in the absence of CRZ officials and went away.
The villagers are very upset with this and said it was another mean to allow illegalities to continue and allow degradation of environment.