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Chandorkar present wish list to new MLA


Residents of the twin villages of Chandor-Cavorim and Guirdolim presented a “wish list” to their new MLA Yuri Alemao when he visited his office at Chandor.

The wish list has 12 concerning the jurisdiction of Chandor-Cavorim, 15 issues pertaining to Guirdolim and seven demands that are common to both the villages.

The “wish list” was presented on behalf of the villagers by office bearers of four NGOs operating in the two villages namely Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott, Chandor Club, Guirdolim Club and Chandor Seamen’s Association.

The common demands to the two villages include a very vehement “NO” to transportation of coal through the two villages which they said will make the villages a coal hub and they also demanded that movement of heavy vehicles be banned in the twin villages.

The MLA’s help was also sought in setting up the Material Recovery Facility for both the villages, identification of accident prone zones, marking zebra crossings near the school and painting the speed breakers with fluorescent paint.

While asking for a permanent solution to the menace of people throwing garbage by the roadside the villagers demanded that the road leading to the erstwhile MSL factory be cleared of the garbage dumped by its side.

The villagers also demanded an immediate roll back of the water tariff as the bills submitted are to high and asked that the old rate be retained.

The villagers also demanded that the police outpost catering to the twin villages be provided with adequate staff so that the “bit” patrolling can be intensified to keep down crime and more particularly consuming alcohol by the roadside.

As for the area within Chandor-Cavorim village panchayat, the villagers demanded that the ground at Cavorim be properly demarcated and provided with “basic infrastructure” and also asked to shift the power transformer in the vicinity of the said ground.

They also demanded that the joggers trek proposed under the MPLAD scheme on this ground should be constructed on the periphery and the area encroached upon by some individual without reducing the dimensions of the ground.
They also demanded that the well know “Oilem Tollem” in the village be dredged and developed as a tourist spot to provide leisure facilities to the various people visiting the village. Besides, the also demanded the desilting of all water bodies including the mighty “Oll” having the sluice gates in the village.

The villagers also asked for upgrading the sub centre managed by the Health Department in the village and provide a full time doctor there besides stationing a cardiac care ambulance at the centre.

While demanding underground cabling of the power lines and setting up of a sewage system in the village, they also asked for replacing the age old asbestos pipes for water supply with cement pipes.

As for Guirdolim, the villagers demanded road dividers to the railway under pass approach roads while also providing a walking path for pedestrians in the underpass and erecting a mobile tower at the Monte Hill in the village to provide mobile connectivity to the residents.

They also demanded construction of retaining walls at Ponsobhatt which is adversely affected with soil erosion, Revora and also near the St Francis Xavier chapel.

They also demanded that a safety barrier be constructed for the canal near the Palloi House and installation of new power transformers at various places with Ponsabhat being given priority.