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GBE initiates MLA Yuri Alemao felicitation

Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao was felicitated by his constituents from Chandor-Cavorim and Guirdolim at a programme held on 2nd October which is observed as Gandhi Jayanti. The felicitation done by Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott (GBE) along with Guirdolim Club, Chandor Club, Chandor Seamen Association and Guirdolim-Chandor Veterans was held in the premises of Chandor Club.

He was basically felicitated for remaining loyal to the Congress Party and not betraying the trust his voters had placed in him whiler ting for him as a Congress candidate or “in recognition of your integrity, loyalty and honouring the people’s mandate” as inscribed on the plaque presented to him. He was also felicitated on being recognized as the Leader of 0Opposition by Goa Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar.

DarwinWhile welcoming the gathering founder member of GBE Darwin Cardoso said that as generally people are quick to criticize but hesitant to appreciate they decided to felicitate the good deed of honouring the people’s mandate and remaining loyal to the party by Yuri.

While pointing out that in its 14 years of existence GBE has striven to improve the quality of lives of the residents of the twin villages of Guirdolim and Chandor-Cavorim, he ended with Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the world”,

Ligorio - Copy




Speaking on behalf of Guirdolim-Chandor Veterans Ligorio Dias, thanked the MLA for enabling the people to hold their heads high by not succumbing to the temptation of defection. And while urging the MLA to attend to the people’s issues, he said his organisation will always be there to back and support him at all times. Incidentally. Guirdolim-Chandor Veterans, formed in 2021 is an organization of veteran sportspersons from the twin villages.



Sandeep Kalekar speaking for Chandor Seamen Association congratulated the MLA for giving priority to the voters and the villagers and remaining strong with the party despite the challenges.





FelixChandor Club President Felix Furtado while formally inviting the Leader of Opposition to the club premises said the Leader of Opposition was a well-deserved position for Yuri as during the assembly session he had raised various issues affecting the people of Goa. “He did his homework so well that the ruling dispensation was left tongue tied,” he said.






PatwinPatwin Fijardo, President of Guirdolim Club pointed out that the issues raised by Yuri in the assembly were well studied and to the point and lauded his promise to take up issues raised by NGO and the common man with the government. “You have restored our faith that our vote has a value and I thank you for that,” he said that due to defections many people had lost faith in the election process.






Joy“It is sad to note that Goa has become like Haryana of the yore where aya Ram gaya Ram reined,” said Joy D’Silva a die-hard Congress supporter from Cavorim while asserting that defections are generally for personal benefit and not for the good of the people and said that for the first time the people have got an MLA who really studies issues.

Terming the prime minister a jumlabaz and the chief minister a liar, he said the BJP follows the principle of Goebbels truth practiced by the Nazis earlier. “We know the government will stop developmental work in our villages because you are in the opposition but that is okay,” he said while lamenting that the opposition is unfortunately fragmented instead of uniting against the BJP.

“Adani financed 250 crores to bring TMC to Goa just to divide the opposition votes and help BJP form the government,” he said while urging people to question why political parties spring up like mushrooms during elections and asked those gathered to dump defectors into the dustbin of history as was done with the previous MLA.

SoniaGuirdolim Sarpanch Sonia Fernandes revealed that when rumours were floating that Yuri would defect, he had assured her that he would not betray the trust reposed by the people in him and would remain loyal to the Congress.

While appreciating his refusal to fall prey to the offers of even being inducted as a minister, she said it was now time to work together for the development of the village and betterment of the people.




EstfanioEstefanio Dias, Sarpanch of Chandor-Cavorim said works in the constituency will be done even though Yuri is in the opposition as earlier his father too had done lot of work while being in the opposition. “Development runs in their bloodline and I am confident that Yuri will be instrumental in increasing the Congress strength and MLAs in future,” he said.

“You have led by example and practiced what is preached and by not defecting showed that the votes cast mean something,” said GBE General Secretary Francis Coutinho who also reiterated that less development was acceptable but not betrayal of the faith reposed by the voters.



SitaGBE founder member Sita Antao while proposing the vote of thanks urged the MLA to retain and maintain the historic sites and monuments in the village as done by him in the past.







AlziraEarlier, introducing Yuri Alemao GBE founder member Alzira Fernandes pointed out that he belongs to a family rooted in politics and football. She said despite having a license from the South Wales University in Sydney, Australia and receiving much acclaim in that country for surviving an engine failure, Yuri returned to his home land to venture into politics at a young age.

“He proved his abilities as when he was the General Secretary of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee the party won the municipal elections only in Cuncolim constituency,” she said.


Well known and much respected Basil Fernandes, who is a senior member of GBE and also very active in Chandor Club felicitated him on behalf of the five organization by draping a shawl on his shoulders, presenting a potted flowering plant and a plaque. The gathered crowd gave a standing ovation as Yuri was being felicitated.

shawlFlower potPlaque









Replying to the felicitation Yuri assured that he will always honour and respect their confidence in him and said he will continue to battle for their causes till his last breath while adding that now he has the responsibility of being the voice of the people of Goa.

Yuri“We are governed with a fotting (lying) government at the Centre and in Goa,” he said while pointing out that the BJP that had promised free water supply to Goan before the elections had increased the water tariff by 5 per cent per cent on the day observed as Gandhi Jayanti which is the birth anniversary of the champion of the poor and downtrodden people of the country.

While disclosing that his entry into politics was accidental the holder of pilot license from the New South Wales University in Sydney, Australia said serving the people gives him an adrenal rush akin to the one experienced when the plane starts flying on turbines.

He lamented that the BJP is pursuing the agenda of crony capitalists and cautioned that mining companies are hatching a conspiracy to loot Goa again. He said there is need for changes and added that drastic surgery is needed. “The Congress was brave enough to cancel SEZ but the BJP is totally ignoring people’s objections to coal transportation through Goa,” he said urging all to work together to save Goa.