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GBE interacts with PPC on garbage management

In keeping with its commitment to keep the twin villages of Chandor-Cavorim and Guirdolim neat and clean, Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott interacted with the members of the Nossa Senhora de Belem Parish Pastoral Council on 5th February 2023 with a fervent plea to permit them to participate with the Basic Christian Communities more commonly known as Somudais to educate the villagers on need for cleanliness.

PPC meet 2GBE President John Fernandes in his introductory speech explained GBE’s commitment to maintain cleanliness and later GBE’s proposal to give an award of Rs. 5,000/- twice a year to the Somudai whose area of jurisdiction is cleanest was told to them. A 8-minute audio-visual presentation on how to manage household waste, how to segregate it and problems caused by modernization was also shown to the 40 PPC members present.

In all the GBE presentation lasted 11 minutes while responding to the queries from those present took another three minutes. The audio visual presentation which was conceptualized and scripted by Julio D’Silva and prepared by Jose Coutinho was much appreciated and some suggested that he be shown to the school children too.

GBE offered to provide thongs to pick up the waste lying on the ground along with plastic bags to collect the waste to the Somudai. Besides, they also offered to ensure that the collected dry waste is scientifically disposed off.

GBE was represented by President John Fernandes, General Secretary Francis Coutinho, members Jose Coutinho, Francis alias Hanchik Peixoto and Julio D’Silva. Besides, three GBE members namely Anthony Pereira, Ligorio Dias and Jose Antao are members of the Parish Pastoral Council.