Top Ranker at SSC Exams year 2014

Vanesa Antao

Congratulations to all the students of St. Joseph’s Education Institute, Chandor who passed the Secondary School Certificate Examinations conducted by the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education this year.

 In all 114 students answered the exams as one girl dropped out at the last moment. Of the 114 students who answered the exams 93 passed thereby giving the school a passing percentage of 81.58 per cent.

 The breakup of the performance of the students is as follows: 16 passed with distinctions, 23 passed with a First Class, 46 secured a Second Class and 8 got a pass class. While 15 students were Allowed To Keep Terms, five students failed. Four Children with Special Needs answered the exams and three of them passed.

The topper from St. Joseph’s Educational Institute was Ms Vanesa Antao who secured 88.5 per cent. Congratulations to her and her parents Eleuterio and Anna Antao from Pocklemoll, Guirdolim. Indeed it is double congratulations for the parents as last year their other daughter Arantxa Antao had topped the SSC Exams from the school by securing 90.16 per cent.

Significantly the other two toppers from the school are also girls. The second place is secured by Kavya Pillai who scored 86.6 per cent marks while in the third place was Kerena Cardoso who got 86.5 per cent marks.

It is noteworthy that although only 53 girls answered the SSC exams as against 61 boys from the school the girls secured the top positions.

Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott while congratulating the students on their achievements also congratulate their parents for the support and more importantly the staff of St. Joseph’s Educational Institute for the necessary guidance and motivation to the students. Kudos to all and may you all prosper to make Chandor Vhodd Ganv!

 She is the daughter of Eleuterio and Anna  Antao of Pocklemoll 
Guirdolim Chandor.

Her elder sister  Arantxa Antao too topped the school last year with 90.1 %. 
In all 114 students appeared and 109 cleared the examination with 16 distinctions,23 first classes
We are proud of you both and also wish all the students  a bright future.
GBE look’s  forward in you’ll making our village proud (add something)
Congratulations to the staff of the school too.