Christmas Party for Senior Citizens

Activity - Christmas Party for Senior Citizens
Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott held its annual Christmas Party for senior citizens on 13th December with 134 participating. The party was once again held in the premises of the Chandor Club premises which is rapidly nearing completion.
The highest number of participants were from Cavorim followed by Guirdolim and lastly by Chandor.

Incidentally the party was held on the first death anniversary of Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott’s founder and an extremely active and important member Benedito Fernandes who had died of a massive heart attack at the same place last year when he was the managing committee member of Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott.

The Christmas Party was indeed a grand affair with members working tirelessly and meticulously to make it a success. The entertainment was extremely well handled by Anthony Pereira and Rui da Silva who made sure that there was never a lull in the entertainment.

Teophilio from Miriajirem presented a skit on garbage management which was very much appreciated.
Anthony and Serena Antao prepared a delicious lunch where salad, chicken xacuti and vegetable pulav was served while Petu dished out chicken caldo that had many going for second helping and a tasty tuna sandwich.

As usual Santa Claus also joined in the revelry and handed over to all those present special chocolates prepared by Monarch from Goa.

The highlight of the party was a questionnaire on formation of a senior citizens club where 66 filled in the questionnaire and 53  of them wanted to join the club while eight of them specifically declined to join the club of which one had a reason being her inability to walk.

Going by the response to the questionnaire it appears that the senior citizens are not very happy as those desiring happiness, peace and enjoyment in their retired life were the highest.