GBE’s Annual Picnic

GBE's Annual Picnic

Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott’s annual picnic held on 14th April 2016 at Tarricodde in Chandor was a grand success with 38 people including 6 children participating. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves thanks to the good bonding amongst the members present.

The picnic mood was set in right earnest with our evergreen musicians Rui da Silva and his immediate neighbor Juju. But the duo were very ably backed by two professional musicians Jude Roy and Xavier who were Juju’s nephews.

GBE member William Mendes too contributed his might with his powerful voice giving that extra zing to the Konkani songs that were sung. Ramiro who is also a professional musician joined the picnic and belted out quite a few songs to keep the spirits going high.

As these talented musicians entertained all, they were supported by the chorus comprising Joe Antao, Alzira Fernandes, Irene Antao, Sita Antao and Suzie Pereira. Everybody missed GBE’s other popular singer Anthony Pereira who did not attend the picnic this year.

Post lunch and has the tide had turned to make the river look mesmerizing picnickers jumped into the Kushawati river. They were led by Darwin who in fact swam across the river twice and once took Irene’s son Emerson with him. Remmy Furtado’s son Rohan stepped into a kayak for the first time and enjoyed it so also Ramiro’s son who was so comfortable in the kayak that he tempted his mother Joyshila to join him in the river. Tiny Tot Nikolai also ventured into the water to join his father Darwin.

The food was not only tasty but also delightful as it took everybody down memory lane. Basil Fernandes brought the pej (canji) and one could hear those present recalling their childhood days. The cashew apple pickle that he brought was a novelty for all and also liked by everyone. Agnelin Gracias had prepared the lunch which was par-boiled rice, bhende ani suklole sungtanchi koddi (lady finger and dry prawn curry) two types of Kismore – dry fish and dry shrimps and stuffed mango pickle.

Alzira had brought pork had mas which was gobbled quite fast and there were croquets served to accompany the drinks which was basically beer, urrack and soft drinks. Those who wanted to drink something else brought their own stuff.

The evening chai was another experience as there was atoll brought all the way from Canacona and tandlanchi bakri prepared by Agnelin.

John Douglas Coutinho was sorely missed for the picnic as he was in a hospital but since he got discharged the same day after the picnic was over all members went to greet him. Incidentally it was John who had arranged for the atoll and his boys helped in making all the arrangements at Tarricodde for the picnic. Minush Gomes who helped to prepare for the picnic, did the disappearing act thereafter.