Clafasio Dias who was elected as the Member of Legislative Assembly from Cuncolim constituency by the lowest margin of 33 votes achieved this feat by taking a lead in 17 of the 42 polling booths despite ranking at number 4 position in the Cuncolim Municipal area.

Clafasio led in all the 3 booths of Macasana, 4 booths of Chandor-Cavorim, 4 booths of Guirdolim, 4 booths of Paroda and the Government Primary School Panzorconnin East Wing and the booth at Village Panchayat of Ambaulim. In fact his victory is admirable because he proved that if the villages stick together, they can get their candidate elected.
Former Minister Joaquim Alemao who lost narrowly was leading in 13 booths of which 12 were in the Cuncolim Municipal area and the only booth in a village to give him a lead was the one in Government Primary School, Motta Balli South Wing.

Subhash alias Rajan Naik, the BJP MLA who lost the elections and was ranked at number three, got a lead in 6 booths from the Cuncolim Municipal Area, 2 booths of Ambaulim and one booth of Balli.

New entrant Elvis Gomes who was promoted as the Chief Minister if Aam Aadmy Party came to power was ranked fourth and had a lead in three booths all of which were in Cuncolim Municpal Area namely Cuncolim United Higher Secondary School, Dandora and the South and North wings of Government Primary School at Savorcotto.

Clafasio Dias polled 654 of the total 1260 votes in Macasana while Joaquim got 286 which was less than Elvis who got 286 in this village.

In Chandor-Cavorim Clafasio polled 1005 of the total 1909 votes polled and Elvis got 413 votes while Joaquim had to be satisfied with only 382 votes.
In Guirdolim while Clafasio polled 1120 of the total 2186 votes cast, Joaquim got 270 which was less than the 438 polled by Elvis tomes.
In his home town of Paroda Clafasio polled 51.74 per cent of the total valid votes. While he got 1173 of the total polled 2144 votes, Joaquim came in second with 500 votes followed by Rajan Naik who got 317 votes.
In Cuncolim municipal area, Joaquim led as he got 3851 of the total 9972 votes cast. Rajan Naik was ranked second here polling 2624 votes followed by Elvis Gomes who got 1932 votes and Clafasio was ranked fourth getting only 1480 votes.
However, Clafasio bounced back in Ambaulim where he got 690 of the total 1725 votes cast while Joaqum Alemao had to be satisfied with 483 votes, Rajan Naik with 365 votes and Elvis was a poor fourth with only 76 votes.
In Balli it was Rajan Naik who led polling 510 of the 1909 votes cast there while Joaquim Alemao was at the second position with 324 votes and Clafasio third with 151 votes and Elvis had only 61 votes.

The campaign strategy of Rajan appears to have paid off as he led in Balli and was placed second in Cuncolim as his campaign was concentrated in these two pockets. Similarly Clafasio concentrated majorly in Macasana, Guirdolim, Chandor and Paroda and that paid off as he got a terrific lead in these villages.