San Joao programme at Chandor

getting_ready-REAt Chandor a huge crowd was present for the celebration organized by the Church where there were various contests for the different Basic Christian Communities more commonly known as somudais.
A march past was held with each somudai participating in it where members wore colour co-ordinated clothes and some members of the somudai in the group would regularly hit the pido on the ground shouting San Joao.parish_priestRE
While one somudai danced the march another did the kotti dance with young girls draping the kunbi saree in the normal style and not the kunbi style. Each somudai also carried an artistically painted umbrella as they were given a white umbrella and one hour to paint it.
Mollam competition where palm leaf had to be weaved as was done in the past was quite interesting as different types of mollams were prepared. Besides there was patolleo competition where different shaped pattoleos with different stuffing were prepared to enhance the taste. The sizes of the pattoleo and the shapes were quite interesting and while most were steamed there was one that was fried on a pad
The Church organized San Joao programme at Chandor was extremely successful and brought the whole village together to celebrate the feast of St John the Baptist. Incidentally, this was the first time this programme was organized at Chandor.