Patwin Guirdolim Club President


The Guirdolim Club at its annual General Meeting yesterday unanimously elected the new Executive Committee with Patwin Fizardo as the president who was praised lavishly for the excellent work done by his as the committee member.
Suresh Khandolkar who was elected as the treasure was also praised for his working in keeping the financial records of the club.
Other office bearers elected are: Vice President – Gidwan Claudius D’Costa, General Secretary – Jose Antao, Asst Gen Secretary – Fabian Simoes, Asst. Treasurer – Adney Gonsalves, Sports Secretary – Glimson Fernandes, Asst Sports Secretary – Francisco Xavier D’Costa.
The following were elected as executive committee members: Sonia Fernandes, Darwin Cardoso, Camilo D’Costa, Franky Rodrigues and Brian Pereira while Suddesh Bhise was elected as advisor to the executive committee.